Should I continue my job or go for higher education?

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Should I continue my job or go for higher education?

The Dilemma: Career or Further Studies

As I sit here, peering out my window towards the Wellington city skyline, I am taken aback by the thought that has been persistently lingering about in my mind lately. Asking myself: should I continue with my current job, or pursue higher education? It's a question that's been buzzing around me like a pesky mosquito, refusing to be swatted into obscurity. Without question, it brings to mind a delicate dance between practicality and ambition, a battle between comfort and growth.

The considerations are immense. On one side, there's the security of my current job that not only pays the bills but also provides for Laura, Hugo, and Cecilia. We've got a wonderful setup here, with a balance that'd be foolish to toss away lightly. Still, offering more life experiences to myself and by extension to them has its merits. Notably, the world is evolving, and the need for retooling and updating our skills is greater than ever before. So, one must wonder if levelling up might be essential – not only for my personal growth but for ensuring my family’s future too.

The Case For Higher Education

Higher education can undoubtedly unlock newer doors, offering an avenue to higher income brackets, more prestigious roles, and enhanced knowledge. And let's not forget the power of education in sharpening the mind, expanding perspectives, and allowing a deeper understanding of the world. I recall being told once that education isn't the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire – isn't that a delicious thought?

Now, imagine me, Arlo, heading back to the hallways of a university, energized by the thirst for knowledge. I'd finally have the time to explore those far corners of my interest that my job hasn't allowed for. My curious mind would finally have the freedom to delve into that uncharted territory. Now, that's quite a compelling picture, isn't it?

The Case For Sticking To Career

On the flip side, there's quite a lot to weigh in favor of continuing my current job. First and foremost, the concept of 'financial stability.' It's not the most romantic term but, let's face it, it's pretty important, like, right up there with air and water. Moreover, the reputation and appreciation earned in my field over the years are far too valuable.

Plus, allowing myself a moment of humblebrag, I am pretty good at what I do. Sticking to my current job means not only being able to continue honing my expertise but also contributing to my field, serving as a mentor for those lights beginning their journey. The joy of seeing fresh minds grow is indescribable. And last but not least, of course, Laura, Hugo, and Cecilia, their dreams and aspirations are a prominent factor in all my decisions.

A Balancing Act: Time Management

A massive conundrum in all of this is managing time. Higher education asks for a commitment—an ironclad promise to expensive books, lecture halls, and never-ending assignments. Amidst that, carving out time for Laura and the kids, work, and a leisured gallop into the sunset for maintaining sanity seems like a gymnast’s feat.

However, there is an old proverb, "we have time for everything we truly want to do" – it's worth a thought here. Achieving this may require me to become the ultimate juggler, toggling seamlessly between the roles of a student, professional, husband, and father. Well, perhaps even aspiring for the part-time role of a plate spinner at the local circus could be a good fall-back!

Let's Talk About Funding

The investment in higher education isn’t just a venture of time and effort but also of money. It’s like when I was buying a house and considered every possible angle: interest rates, down payments, insurance—the whole dance. This, too, requires a similar level of financial planning.

There are broader perspectives to consider here. Will the potential hike in earnings post-degree outweigh the years of financial stress and tuition fees? Is the promise of a brighter future worth the temporary curtailing of usual luxuries? Laura and I often speak about teaching our kids the value of sacrifices for greater good—but applying that to our adult lives, now that’s a novel idea.

In conclusion, evaluating whether to stick to one's job or dive headfirst into higher education is immensely personal. Often the answer doesn't appear in the form of a quick epiphany but takes time for reflection. The answer isn't always about exploring unbeaten paths—it can also be about valuing the road you're already on. My personal story may provide some guidance, but in the end, it's your story that should write the conclusion. So, take your time, weigh your options, and remember—life has a quirky way of unfolding just as it should.

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